X International Conference “Rivers of Siberia and the Far East”

Время проведения события: 
12.10.18 - 13.10.18



The 10th International Conference “Rivers of Siberia and the Far East” will take place 12-13 October 2018 in Novosibirsk, Russia. The conference will be dedicated to issues of sustainable development in river and lake basins in Siberia and the Far East, as well as other regions; the sharing of local and international experiences; and the generation of proposals for the community and diverse branches of authority.  

We kindly request that you and your colleagues inform us of your desire to participate in this conference by 31 August 2018. If you are interested in attending the conference, then you will need to send a completed application (Form № 1, listed below) by 31 August 2018 to the following address: aecodelo@gmail.com.


Conference participants will consist of:

§  Members of community organizations from Russia, Europe and Asia

§  Members of municipalities and governments

§  Members of the scientific community, research institutions and education departments

§  Members of businesses

§  Members of water management and water use organizations

§  Members of the press


Conference questions and themes will cover the following:

  • Agenda and Millennium Development Goals in regional and transboundary contexts
  • Conservation of the biological diversity of river basins and lake basins and the restoration of river ecosystems
  • Climate change and its consequences on river basin management, the protection of aquatic ecosystems and the sustainability of various water use sectors
  • Role of local communities and public participation in the resolution of water issues
  • Challenges in the use and protection of the following transboundary river basins: Ob-Irtysh, Selenga-Baikal-Angara-Enisei; Amur watershed (Mongolia, Russia, China);  and the basins of other transport rivers in Asia (i.e. Aral Sea, Mekong River)
  • Best practices and standards in the management, protection and use of river resources (i.e. strategic environmental assessment, environmental run-off, improving water use efficiency, standards for hydraulic structure design, integrated flood risk management mechanisms for conflict prevention in river basins, etc.)
  • Optimization of waste management (MSW and CBW) and other best practices for river and lake conservation
  • Management of sustainable development in river basins, including current programs in Eurasian integration (e.g. Silk Belt, Steppe Path, Trans-Eurasian Corridor et al.), foreign investments and international agreements and mechanisms
  • Challenges in the standard legal regulation of water resource use and sustainable development in river basins
  • Development of cities and rivers
  • Coal, the fate of rivers and people
  • Water monitoring


Members of the Conference Organizing Committee (with possible future additions)

  • “Ecodelo” Alliance
  • Sibecocenter
  • “Rivers without Borders” International Coalition
  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Russia) 
  • Novosibirsk region Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
  • Siberian State University of Water Transportation 
  • Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology (Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University
  • Siberian Rivers Network
  • “Live Water” Science Community Center (Vladivostok)
  • “Environmental Committee” Association (Omsk)
  • “Dam” Krasnoyarsk Regional Environmental Organization (Krasnoyarsk)
  • “ISAR-Siberia” (Novosibirsk)
  • “Amur Social-Environmental Union” Amur Regional Environmental Organization (Blagoveshensk)
  • “Revival of Siberian Land” International Charitable Foundation (Irkutsk)
  • “Baikal Environmental Wave” Irkutsk Regional Community Organization (Irkutsk)

Conference Partner Information Portal: https://ecodelo.org


Conference Format

§  Panel discussions, plenary and sectional meetings, round tables and a special workshop, “Use of Aquatic Invertebrates to Assess Water Quality in Fast Currents.”

§  Planned conference outcomes include the preparation of notifications and resolutions on the state of Siberian rivers; proposals for changes in regulatory and legislative acts; as well as the development of an action plan for environmental NGOs on the conservation of river ecosystems. Conference participants may submit in advance their proposals for notifications and resolutions.


Conference Information

§  Official language: Russian (with Russian-English translation available)

§  Deadline for applications for conference participation: 31 August 2018

§  Deadline for submission of materials for publication in the conference proceedings (papers): 25 August 2018

The distribution of personal conference invitations and the second conference announcement will take place by 5 September 2018. Compensation for any participant’s transportation costs to/from the conference and accommodation will be made by the Conference Organizing Committee, based on resource availability.


Conference Organizing Committee Contact Information

Yuri Shirokov isarsib@gmail.com, Alexander Dubynin adubynin@yandex.ru, Yulia Kolevatova koleva@ngs.ru, Elena Dubynina edubynina@mail.ru

For any international participants, please send a copy of your application to “Rivers without Borders” International Coalition at: coalition@riverswithoutboundaries.org


Publication of Conference Materials


The Conference Organizing Committee plans to publish a collection of conference materials (proceedings). Conference participants will additionally have the option to publish articles in the “Ecodelo” portal: https://ecodelo.org. There are no limitations on the article size for publication in this portal. The article should include a photograph (of the author or relevant work described in the article), which will be posted along with the article.


For publication in the printed conference proceedings, articles should be no longer than 4 pages (including drawings, tables and bibliographies) and formatted on A4-size paper (further details on materials format can be found in Form № 2). Articles for publication will be accepted until 25 August 2018.  


To view materials from previous conferences, see below.


2005 Conference Proceedings “Problems of Sustainable Development in the Ob-Irtysh Watershed”: http://ecoclub.nsu.ru/isar/rekisib2005.htm

5th International Conference Materials (2010): https://ecodelo.org/2503-reki_sibiri_materialy_v_mezhdunarodnoi_konferentsii-zashchita_rek_i_vodoemov

6th International Conference Materials: https://ecodelo.org/4133-6ya_mezhdunarodno_nauchnoprakticheskaya_konferentsiya_reki_sibiri-zashchita_rek_i_vodoemov

2012 Conference Proceedings: http://wwf.ru/resources/publ/book/710


2013 Conference Proceedings: http://baikalwave.org/biblioteka/97-books

2015 Conference Proceedings:


Photos and Summaries from the 2015 Conference: https://ecodelo.org/rossiyskaya_federaciya/sibirskiy_fo/irkutskaya_oblast/38706-ix_mezhdunarodnaya_konferenciya_reki


Contact with authors will take place via electronic mail. Please be sure to list a main e-mail address as well as a secondary e-mail address through which we can contact you (and please double-check that both e-mail addresses are correct).



Form № 1



TITLE OF REPORT (Times New Roman Cyr, bold, Center, 12)


A.B. Ivanov1, R.I. Sibirev2 (Times New Roman Cyr, normal, Center, 12)

1Siberian Ecological Agency, Russia, greentomsk@gmail.com

2Tomsk Polytechnical University, Tomsk, Russia, 16-18_April_2010@tpu.ru


Materials should be no more than 4 pages (including drawings, tables and bibliography) on A4-size paper. Electronic versions will be accepted as an attached file labeled with the last name of the first author.

Texts must formatted in MS Word for Windows with the following: Times New Roman Cyr font, size 12, single spacing, space between paragraphs 1 cm, margins on all sides at 2.5cm. The alignment of headings and paragraphs in the texts should be done through Word tools. Extra spaces are not allowed.

Tables must be created in MS Word on separate pages and given titles. Drawings should be black-and-white, in one of the following standard formats - cdr, jpg, eps, tiff, bmp – and should be submitted as a separate file with the author’s signature. References to drawings and tables must be made in parentheses (Figure 1), (Table 1); while references to text/literature are to be made in square brackets [1]. Signatures in drawings must be made in Times New Roman font, size 12, and placed below the drawing.

A bibliography is to be compiled in alphabetic order in Times New Roman font, cursive, size 10 and is separated from the main text with a skip of the line.

The report must also be accompanied by the following in English: report title, last name of the author, name of his/her organization, and a brief summary of the report itself.



1. Ivanov A.I., Koptyugov, P.A. Sustainable Water Use …….etc.

2. Lisitsyn, I.S., Petryak V.V. The Liquidation of Consequences … etc.





Form № 2






(Last name, first name, middle initial)


Country ____________________________________________________________________

Organization _______________________________________________________________

Title, educational degree, rank ___________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

Telephone __________________________

E-mail (main and secondary)_____________________________________







Desired participation:       with a report          without a report         as a co-author


Title of report (if submitting) in Russian or English ____________________________________




Cost of transportation to and from (to be filled out by NGO members requesting financial aid; please list cost-effective examples, such as economy class) __________ rubles.









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