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Upcoming Grant Deadlines

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

As an element in its worldwide programs, the CEPF makes grants in support of biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot. The current announcement is for projects in Burundi, Dem Rep Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that correspond to the strategic directions indicated in the call for proposals. The deadlines for letters of interest (English, French) are Oct 31 for large grants (over $20,000), and Nov 14 for small grants.

Turtle Conservation Fund - Grants to protect tortoises and freshwater turtles (Deadline: Nov 1)

The Turtle Conservation Fund makes grants to organizations and individuals worldwide for conservation and research of endangered and critically endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles. Most grants are $2,000 to $5,000 per project.

Cleveland Metro Parks Zoos Africa and Asia Seed Grants Program (Deadline for pre-applications: Nov 4)

Both programs make grants for wildlife conservation and research in their respective regions. The priority is for projects focusing on wildlife and habitat protection, human-wildlife conflict, sustainable environmental practices, capacity building, and conservation biology. There are no application restrictions by nationality. In both programs, the seed grants range from $1,000 to $3,500.

French Global Environment Facility (Deadline: Nov 15)

The FFEM announces a fourth phase of the Small-Scale Initiatives for years 2013-2016. This program funds civil society organizations in Central and West Africa, Madagascar, and Mozambique for biodiversity conservation, the fight against climate change, and improvements of local livelihoods. Grants are to NGOs based in the eligible African countries, and to international NGOs in partnership with local NGOs that do not yet have legal status. FFEM will provide an average of €35,000 per project, up to 50% of project costs (75% if there is only local participation). Applications accepted in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

MacArthur Foundation - Conservation of Watersheds in Colombia & Ecuador (Deadline for LOI: Nov 18)

The MacArthur Foundation's funding for conservation includes a priority for Andean watersheds. The current call is for three-year projects that slow ecosystem degradation in watersheds of the northern Andes (Colombia and Ecuador). The aim is to balance the needs of resident communities with biodiversity objectives.

British Ornithologists' Union (Deadline: Nov 30)

The BOU invites amateurs and professionals to apply for its Small Ornithological Research Grants. Research grants are up to £2,000 to support small projects outright, or to partly fund medium-sized programs. Grants are on any aspect of ornithological research in the UK and worldwide. The BOU also offers Career Development Bursaries of up to £2,500 for young and early-career ornithologists in any country.

African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement - Small Grants Fund (Deadline: Nov 30)

AEWA makes grants to support waterbird conservation in eligible African countries of the African-Eurasian Flyways. Grants are up to €20 thousand for projects of up to two years in African AEWA contracting parties, and up to €10,000 for African non-contracting parties  to complete their accession to AEWA.  Applications are welcomed from government organizations and NGOs.  Proposals need to be endorsed by AEWA's national focal points.

Convention on Migratory Species - Small Grants (Deadline: Nov 30)

The CMS offers small grants to strengthen the implementation of the Convention, with a strong focus on implementation in developing countries. Eligibility for grants extends to governmental institutions, NGOs, communities, conservationists, and researchers engaged in the conservation of migratory species. Projects can receive up to €15,000, although CMS encourages applications for lower amounts.

European Outdoor Environmental Association (Deadline: Applications accepted Nov 1 - 30)

Non profit organisations can apply to the Association for grants of up to €30,000. Members of the European Outdoor Conservation Association can nominate up to three projects (from different, or the same organisations) each year.

Phoenix Zoo Small Grants (Applications Accepted Nov 1 - Dec 1 annually)

The Phoenix Zoo (Arizona, USA) makes small grants to support wildlife conservation and science worldwide. First-year grants are limited to $3,000. Priority is for practical projects that help build capacity, and that involve local communities.

Joke Waller-Hunter Initiative for Young Environmentalists (Deadlines: June 1 & Dec 1 annually)

The Joke Waller-Hunter Initiative offers grants to advance the leadership and learning of junior persons working for -- or affiliated with -- environmental civil society organizations in developing and emerging countries. JWH especially encourages the nomination of young women and local community leaders (men and women under 35 of age). Grants can be applied for a wide range of activities, but candidates should have a clear idea of how they intend to use the grant. The grants range from €2,500 to €10,000 each, and 15 grants are offered twice a year. 

WWF Conservation Workshop Grants (Deadlines Dec 1; Feb 1 2014)

Conservation Workshop Grants fund organizations to train communities, stakeholders, park guards, and others on local and regional conservation issues. These grants support training workshops with a strong hands-on learning component that will build capacity for people living in WWF priority places in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Grants are up to $7,500. 

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund (Deadline: Dec 1)

The Conservation Fund makes grants for wildlife conservation, research, and education. Most grants are $5,000 to $25,000 for one year. Applications are accepted from non-profit organizations in the USA and other countries;  governmental entities; accredited universities and research centers; and institutions accredited by AZA or AMMPA.  

USFWS Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act (Deadline: Dec 3)

The USA's Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Account funds projects in the USA, Canada, and Latin America and the Caribbean to promote the long-term conservation of neotropical migratory birds and their habitats. Eligibility for grants extends to individuals and organizations in the USA, other countries, and to international organizations.

Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund 2014 Grants (Deadline: Dec 10)

The Fund awards grants to projects carried out for the purpose of nature conservation in developing countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. The main priority is on preserving biodiversity; projects last one year. There is no set limit to the grant request although the average grant is approximately $40,000.

The Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles - Herpetology Grants (Deadline: Dec 15)

The SSAR makes grants of $500 to deserving individuals and organizations for herpetological research, education, and conservation. Projects should focus on endangered or threatened species. Some of the grant categories are restricted to SSAR members and students.

Explorers Club - Grants for Student Exploration and Field Research (Deadline: Dec 16)

The Explorers Club makes grants to students for international field projects, including projects focusing on environment and natural resources. The Youth Activity Fund is for high school students and university undergraduates. The Exploration Fund is for graduate and post-graduate students, including early-career post-doctoral students. There are no nationality restrictions.  Grants in both categories range from $500 to $5,000.

Not a member of NING yet and want to join? CLICK HERE! Having trouble joining? Email Christina Imrich at: cimrich@wcs.org.



Other Upcoming Opportunities

UK Government - Chevening Scholarships (Deadlines: Variable in Nov 2013)

The Chevening Scholarships provide full or partial funding for full-time courses at postgraduate level, normally a one-year master’s degree, in any subject at any UK university. Chevening Scholars come from 118 countries (excluding the USA and the EU). The scholarships will support more than 600 individuals in year 2014-2015. Applicants apply through the British diplomatic missions in their countries.

Schlumberger Foundation's Faculty of the Future Program (Deadline: Nov 15)

Schlumberger Foundation's “Faculty of the Future” supports women in developing and emerging economies to pursue PhD and post-doctoral studies at the international level. Grants are in the physical sciences, engineering, and related fields -- including past grants in subjects such as ecology and environment.

Postdoctoral Fellowships with the Smithsonian Institute (Deadline: Nov 15)

  • Biodiversity Offset Planning in Gabon: The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow who will be developing the offset plan for the Loubomo-Mougagara road, in Gabon, in partnership with the construction coordinators. 
  • Ecosystem Services in Gabon: The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow who will be studying ecosystem services and landscape connectivity in the Gamba region of Gabon for the Loubomo-Mougagara Road Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Project.

WWF - Funding for Women Conservationists in the Congo Basin (Deadline: Nov 15)

Historically, women in Africa’s Congo Basin countries have been severely underrepresented in biodiversity conservation work, primarily due to a lack of access to education and training. Thanks to the continued support from the Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation, EFN has been working to reverse this trend through scholarships and professional development grants for the region’s qualified female conservationists.

AMNH Chapman Fellowships in Avian Research (Deadline: Nov 15 annually)

Chapman Fellowships: One and two year Fellowships are awarded for research in avian systematics, evolution, and biogeography to be performed in residence at the American Museum of Natural History. These grants include a stipend and a budget that depends on the nature of the research. These Fellowships are highly competitive and normally only one or two are awarded per year. Normally, an applicant to this program must have prior discussions with one or more members of the Ornithology Department concerning the research project; successful applicants to this program will work with one of the Curators in the Department of Ornithology as a mentor.

New Voices Fellowship (Deadline for nominations: Nov 20)

The New Voices Fellowship offers development experts a year-long program of media support, training, research, and writing under the guidance of experienced mentors and trainers to help them reach a broader global audience. Fellows must be from a developing country, and ideally work and live in their country of origin or another developing country. Subjects such as agriculture, environment, climate change, and similar are highly relevant.

National Science Foundation Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability Fellows Program (Deadline: Nov 26)

Through the SEES Fellows Program, NSF seeks to advance science, engineering, and education to inform the societal actions needed for environmental and economic sustainability and human well-being while creating the necessary workforce to address these challenges. The Program's emphasis is to facilitate investigations that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and address issues of sustainability through a systems approach, building bridges between academic inquiry, economic growth, and societal needs. The Fellow's proposed investigation must be interdisciplinary and allow him/her to obtain research experiences beyond his/her current core disciplinary expertise. Fellows are required to develop a research partnership(s) that will advance and broaden the impact/scope of the proposed research, and present a plan for their own professional development in the area of sustainability science and engineering.

East-West Center - Asia Pacific Leadership Program (Deadline: Dec 1)

The APLP invites professionals from Asia-Pacific countries to apply for a 9-month program of leadership training and professional development on emerging issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. Inter-disciplinary interests at the East-West Center include climate change, land use, water and energy demands, etc., -- among other social and environmental themes. Fellowships of $15,000 cover the majority of costs.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program (Deadline: Dec 3)

Applications are accepted for Gates Cambridge Scholarships Program offered to international applicants to pursue full-time postgraduate studies in any subject offered by their University. The goal of this program is to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others. Open to a citizen of any country outside the UK who is:

  • Applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge: PhD (3 year research only degree), MSc or MLitt (2 year research only degree), or a 1 year postgraduate course (e.g. MPhil, LLM, MASt, Diploma, MBA etc.);
  • OR already a student at Cambridge and wants to apply for a new postgraduate course;
  • OR already a Gates Cambridge Scholar and wants to apply for a second scholarship.

University of Cambridge, Masters in Conservation Leadership (Deadline: Dec 3)

The Masters degree in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge is a full-time, 11-month course aimed at graduates of leadership potential with at least three to five years of relevant experience in biodiversity conservation. Based in the University’s Department of Geography, a unique feature of this course is its delivery by members of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), a partnership between six university departments and nine conservation organisations or networks based in and around Cambridge. The teaching focuses on issues of management and leadership, with the dual goals of developing conservationists with enhanced research skills and a greater awareness of the complex drivers of biodiversity loss, while also developing their ability to act and lead effectively. The course aims to deliver a world-class and interdisciplinary education in Conservation Leadership that is not available elsewhere. Some scholarships available for students from less developed and developing countries that are rich in biodiversity!

Australia Awards for Africans (Deadlines: Dec 13 - Master's Scholarships; Jan 17 - Professional Fellowships)

Australia Awards funds qualified African candidates for masters studies in Australia in subjects of agriculture and food security; health; natural resource management; public policy; and water and sanitation. Additionally, the program offers short-term fellowships for professional training in Africa and/or Australia in agriculture, mining, and several other thematic areas.

Volkswagen Foundation - Fellowships for African Researchers in Natural Resources (Deadline: Dec 13)

The Volkswagen Foundation invites researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa to apply for postdoctoral fellowships addressing “Resources, their Dynamics, and Sustainability – Capacity Development in Comparative and Integrated Approaches.”  Research should focus on urgent and important questions related to land, water, biological resources, energy for domestic uses, and natural hazards (with qualifications). Fellows need to cooperate with a German research partner. Funding over three years is up to €90000 for junior fellows, and up to €120 thousand for senior fellows.

2014 Bat Conservation International Student Research Scholarship Program (Deadline: Dec 15)

Each year, BCI awards scholarships to help students at universities around the world conduct conservation-relevant research. The goal of this program is to support exceptionally talented students in research initiatives that will contribute the new knowledge that is essential to conserving bats and the ecosystems they serve worldwide. The maximum one-year award per student is $5,000. We hope that these funds will open opportunities for matching grants from other conservation organizations, government agencies and private foundations, and that BCI's support will grow in years to come.


The Conservation Leadership Programme


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Чтобы добиться сильных результатов экологическим активистам подчас приходиться проявлять просто чудеса изобретательности. Тут очень полезны могут быть советы легендарного инноватора Илона Маска, они достаточно универсальны и вполне могут пригодиться и  в природоохранной практике.  Илон Маск вдохновляет миллионы людей по всему миру. Нестандартное мышление, разрывающее шаблоны привычной реальности, сделало его культовой фигурой современности. Он – инженер, предприниматель, поп...
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Существующие мировые тенденции не являются устойчивыми. Влияние человека на планету быстро растет и в конечном итоге это может привести к краху всей мировой экономики.  Авторы нового доклада Римского клуба " Come On! "  приходят к выводу, что миру требуются новые подходы на краткосрочную и долгосрочную перспективу, учитывающие  баланс между людьми и природой, между рынками и государством. В конце 2017 года  Римский клуб ...

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На Всемирном экономическом форуме в Давосе Carlsberg Group объявила о создании Сообщества молодых ученых, целью которого станет решение ключевых глобальных вызовов, связанных с изменением климата и нехваткой воды. Вместе с запуском Сообщества открыт набор кандидатов на «Пожалуй, лучшую работу для мира». Carlsberg Group ищет талантливых молодых ученых со степенью кандидата наук для рабо...
Правительство Монголии договорилось с Европейским банком реконструкции и развития (ЕБРР) о подготовке технико-экономического обоснования для возведения новой гидроэлектростанции на своей территории, на повестке дня – обсуждение строительства ГЭС на реке Эгийн-гол в бассейне Селенги – крупнейшего притока Байкала.
Повреждение затвора пролета №1 водосливной плотины Нижне-Бурейской ГЭС 24 августа 2017 года произошло из-за разрушения оси шарнирной опоры сегментного затвора. К такому выводу пришла комиссия по техническому расследованию инцидента. В состав комиссии входили представители ПАО «РусГидро», Ростехнадзора, АО «Трест Гидромонтаж», АО «Ленгидропроект», АО «Нижне-Бурейская ГЭС», ООО «ПромГидроЭнергоМаш»....
Проблема состояния экосистемы Байкала актуальна всегда, а в последнее время она стала особенно острой. Ученые, общественники, чиновники, промышленники обсуждают изменения уровня Байкала, вызванные не только естественными, природными причинами, но и деятельностью человека. Понятно, что работу крупных предприятий на прибайкальской территории остановить невозможно. Однако не только можно, но и необхо...
Российско-монгольская межправкомиссия обсудит вопрос поставок электроэнергии из России как основную альтернативу строительства ГЭС на притоке Байкала Селенге. Об этом журналистам сообщил глава Минприроды РФ Сергей Донской по итогам заседания межведомственной комиссии по вопросам охраны озера.
Байкальской межрегиональной природоохранной прокуратурой по заданию Генеральной прокуратуры Российской Федерации организована проверка исполнения бюджетного законодательства при проведении мероприятий обеспечения безопасности и охраны гидротехнических сооружений на территории Иркутской области, Республики Бурятия, Забайкальского края.


Интересные ссылки

«Спутниковый мониторинг пожаров на Дальнем востоке России». Сервис работает на основе технологии «Геомиксер», разработанной в ИТЦ «СКАНЭКС»

«Спутниковый мониторинг пожаров на Дальнем востоке России». Сервис работает на основе технологии «Геомиксер», разработанной в ИТЦ «СКАНЭКС»

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Экспедиция «В краю пяти озёр»

я думаю детям очень нравится, и позновательно

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Олеся Скрипинская аватар
Олеся Скрипинская
Экспедиция «В краю пяти озёр»

Замечательный проект! Поддерживаю!

Олеся Скрипинская аватар
Олеся Скрипинская
Омские башмачки

Замечательный проект! Поддерживаю!

София Власова аватар
София Власова
Экспедиция «В краю пяти озёр»

Это здорово.Мне очень хочется поехать туда.

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51 неделя 2 дня назад
Алексей Писковский
Алексей Писковский аватар
Экономия воды и газа или просто предупреждение потопов, взры...
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ЭкоКартридж есть такая организация. К ним обратись.https...

51 неделя 6 дней назад
Гузель Арсланова
Гузель Арсланова аватар
Экономия воды и газа или просто предупреждение потопов, взры...
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Добрый день. 

Я не по теме с вопросом. Сайт не дает разместить новую тему. Поэтому пишу в этой..(админы простите). Поотому что т...

1 год 40 недель назад
martaka maminov
martaka maminov аватар
Спелеологи Всех стран объединяйтесь!

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Обращайтесь, отличная компания http://www.ecocentrp.ru/about/...

2 года 2 дня назад
Глеб савельев
Глеб савельев аватар
Спелеологи Всех стран объединяйтесь!

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нужна схема пещер с измерениями

2 года 3 недели назад
Ольга Волобуева
Ольга Волобуева аватар
Спелеологи Всех стран объединяйтесь!

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если Вы обладаете информацией , как составить топокарту пещеры, пишите нам. Очень нужна помощь в составлении паспорта объекта

размешен 19.02.18 | Тип: Новость

Фотовыставка «Будь счастливым на чистой Земле!» открылась в детской библиотеке им.Бианки в г. Москва!


размешен 18.02.18 | Тип: Статью

 В 1931 году Генеральному секретарю ЦК ВКП (б) Иосифу Сталину Нарком земледелия доложил о том, что он выделил 5 тысяч рублей золотом на строительство мостового стана для земледелия. Ста...

размешен 14.02.18 | Тип: Статью

Чтобы добиться сильных результатов экологическим активистам подчас приходиться проявлять просто чудеса изобретательности. Тут очень полезны могут быть советы легендарного инноват...

размешен 13.02.18 | Тип: Новость

13 февраля 2018 год

размешен 13.02.18 | Тип: Статью

Жителям  деревень расположенных рядом с Кийзасским угольным разрезом в Кемеровской области  стало невозможно жить в своих родных деревнях и районах....

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